Nearby Beaches to Mourtzanakis Eco Friendly Hotel

Agia Pelagia holiday resort  - beaches, bays, coves

map of Beaches nearby our hotel
swimming  in coves - bays and beaches very near our eco hotel

Agia Pelagia beach

at 5km
Agia pelagia is a mostly sandy beach and a bustling seashore & village where you can have a marvelous swim at its tropical green waters, while admiring the natural Mediterranean beauty of the greater region. A cocktail would probably come out handy!
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Lygaria beach

at 6km
Lygaria beach is a quiet, but vivid coast, mostly rocky. It is a very convenient place to swim and have a lunch, drink some wine and Cretan raki with your desert and gaze at the natural beauty of the beach and the hills surrounding it
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Fodele beach

at 4km
Fodele is an idylic and large sandy beach. When in place, you no longer know if you’re in Crete or the north African shores. Its a wonderful coastline that seems mysterious, but feels like the authentic Crete
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Psaromoura beach

at 4km
Psaromoura is a bay next to Agia pelagia. Once again, the green waters & surroundings are idyllic. It has a small bar by the beach, where you can order some snacks or drinks and enjoy the vibes
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Fylakes beach

Fylakes beach

at 4km
Filakes beach (prasina nera) is something else! The most convenient way to reach it, is via a pedalo. It’s absolutely worth it. This small sandy cove reminds more of a Caribbean one. The water is perfectly green. The palm trees and pines next to it, makes it paradise on earth
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Tripipti beach

Tripiti beach

at 7,5km
Tripiti beach (rocky & sandy beach) is the most inaccessible of all beaches in the area of Agia Pelagia. To reach Tripiti beach, you must hike a bit. When swimming there you get an utter sense of freshness and relief. And a sense of freedom
Beach of Tripiti - see more...

Agia Pelagia holiday resort is just 5km from Achlada village

map of Beaches nearby our hotel
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