Sailing tours at the shores of the island of Crete and the Aegean Islands

All we need is a gentle breeze to lift our sails, and the horizon's edge becomes a viable destination. That is sailing's allure. There are no restrictions due to fuel or weather. You choose a location and simply travel there; time is irrelevant. Furthermore, on a sailing boat, vacations begin the moment you get aboard, as the goal is not simply to go somewhere. Sailing Hotcrete travels to the sea as well as the mountain, providing excellent hiking opportunities, and relies on the wind and individuals who enjoy nature and adventure as a driving force. We can go together for a day so you can try sailing in Chania and swim in the tranquil harbor of Heraklion, or we can cruise together for several days around Crete and the lovely Aegean islands, enjoying the wide sea on a sailing boat. Furthermore, we can climb without ropes just above the water or trek along Crete's wonderful beachfront trails.

Sailing activities
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