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Eco Hotel - Ponujene storitve

storitev, ki jih ponuja naš ekoturistični hotel
JOGA, Shiatsu & TAI CHI

SERVICES offered at our Eco tourism hotel Mourtzanakis Residence

Villas and Studio / Apartments are delivered clean with cleaning tools for visitors, and must be delivered clean.

Linen sheets and towels are provided as well.

For visitors who wish to have cleaning services option, the fee is 30 € per day additional to the room rates.

Main Building

  • Living Room (including Satellite Television) with a Fireplace.
  • Terrace
  • Residents Lounge to socialize and get to know other guests
  • Library
  • Reception

Two Swimming Pools

One with specific descriptions for children and one for adults.


A traditional Crete-style garden to inspire and relax you with its exotic aromas and infinity of colors.

  • Cozy & Comfortable Residence in its Traditional Luxury Four Villas
  • 10 minute drive to 4 different sea shores
  • 20 minute drive from the Center of Iraklion (Heraklion)
  • 25 minute drive from/to the Airport
  • 15 minute drive to the University Hospital
  • Raj za ljubitelje narave
  • Contact with nature due to the surrounding traditional environment
  • The Main Reception Building where you can read in the Library, meet with other guests in the Lounge, or relax and enjoy the views from the Terrace
  • Cafeteria in the Main Building with a terraces.
  • Interesting Lectures on the history of Crete.
Ecotourism Crete Greece - olive oil harvesting
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