Ecotourism Activities - Things to Do - Places to See on Crete Greece

Live Unique Experiences in the amazing Island of Crete Greece

Ecotourism Activities on Crete & Things to Do & Places to Visit on the island:


What we may offer from our concierge front desk, are bundle of information that would tailor and fulfill your wishes, in order to have an unforgettable vacation. We may provide you services that would make you travel plan be: Easier - Time Saving and Confident.

What we can share and advice you is about:

1. Museums, Archeological sites, Historical sites, Monasteries and sites of Religious interest and Cretan tradition
2. Beautiful beaches on the Cretan shores
3. Home Cooking, local restaurants, Cretan cuisine and Greek cooking classes
4. Children places visit and play
5. Horse Riding
6. Trekking and Cycling
7. Cooking Seminars
8. Wine tasting tours
9. Olive Oil tasting
10. Hiking on the Cretan mountains and the amazing nature of Crete
11. Massage
12. Taxi / Transfer services
13. Car Rental
14. Boat tours
15. Sailing
16. Scuba diving
17. Bird watching
18. Yoga and Tai Chi sessions
19. Visits to the Psiloritis mountain Natural Geo Park (a site part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks)

and more...

We would be looking forward to your stay with us!


The Greek Speleological Society has recorded over 3,000 caves in Crete. They are not only astounding examples of nature’s talent for interior decoration, but also many of them are also of great scientific value.

The Minoans began the custom of worshipping their gods in small palaces or shrines, in sacred caves and in shrines built on mountain peaks and hill tops.

  • The Cave of Sentoni Zoniana: It is the wealthiest in Crete in terms of natural decoration.
  • The Diktaian Cave: The legendary birthplace of Zeus, this can be reached by going to the outskirts of the village of Psihro (48 km from Heraklion).
  • The Idaian Cave: According to mythology, Rhea hid the baby Zeus from the murderous Kronos. Cult objects have been found here, along with statues and bronze shields.
  • The Cave of Eileithyia (Ilithiia): Used to be a cave of ritual cults from Neolithic era up to the 5th century B.C.
  • The Cave of Ag. Paraskevi Skotinou: Very interesting cave where cult worship used to be held both in antiquity and during the Christian era.
  • The Kamares Cave: Established during the Minoan period as a sacred spot, possibly dedicated to the worship of the goddess Eileithyia.
  • The Gerani Cave of Rethimon: A prehistoric, paleontogical and archaeological cave which triggers a profound interest to all visitors. (A cave of Prehistoric, Paleontological and archeological interest.)
  • The Melidoni Cave: Used to be a cult worship cave during the Neolithic, Minoan and Archaic periods.


Avdou is the most organized area for paragliding in Crete. It has a 6 hectares area for taking off and a 2 hectares area for landing. You can hire a trainer for a double flight or to hire a parachute with its accessories and also to be transferred to the takeoff area (for trained pilots).

Scuba Diving:

Diver’s club Crete is located in Agia Pelagia (20 km west from Heraklion). Agia Pelagia is one of the most beautiful places for scuba diving in Crete. The Diver’s Club offer nigh dives, PADI și CMAS courses, NITROX courses, diving programs for inexperienced and non – divers and boat trips for snorkeling or just for fun.

The diving center is running from April until mid November.


  1. The Archaeological Museum in Heraklion: Located in Heraklion, the capital of Crete and is one of the richest and most important museums in Greece. Shelters in its 20 rooms, findings that are exclusively excavated in Crete and related to its prestigious past.
  2. The Archaeological Museum in Chania: Housed in the Venetian Church of San Francesco and exhibits important findings dating from the Neolithic and Minoan periods to the late Roman one.
  3. The Archaeological Museum in Rethimnon: Exhibits various items and relics found all around the Prefecture of Rethimnon, dating till Roman epoch.
  4. Byzantine and post – Byzantine Collection: Located on Theotokpoulou street in the town of Chania. Various mosaics, wall paintings, sculptures, icons, inscriptions, ceramics and various other historical objects do compose this musem’s collection.
  5. The Center of Contemporary Art: In this gallery, visitors will see a rich collection of works made by the local artists and a collection of representative pieces of art of the Modern Greek painting.
  6. The Mallia Archaeological Museum: Malia is a town with 2,500 permanent inhabitants. A visit to its archeological site where a Minoan town has been found as well as an exquisite Minoan mansion. The palace of Malia is located 3KM East of the town.
  7. Lychostatis Museum: Situated at Limenas Hersonissou, was established in 1922. It is a remarkable Folk and Nature Museum of tremendous interest.

Peza Union:

A visit to one of the oldest Agricultural Cooperatives in Crete since 1933. Peza Union hosts 19 villages and engages 5000 farmers. It is located 16 km from Heraklion.

A visit to their Folklore Show Room and a lecture about Cretan Diet would surely be a plus for you & your families. You will have the opportunity to see all kinds of product series and also buy some of their local Olive Oil and Wine production.

Naturism in Crete:

Naturism is only allowed in a few licensed areas but it is tolerated many other places. Most of these places are quiet, remote beaches or coves.

Some of these exquisite beaches are:

  • Paleochora.
  • Sougia.
  • Agia Roumeli.
  • Agios Pavlos.
  • Sweet water beach (Glykanera).
  • Filaki.
  • Frangokastelo.
  • Plakias.
  • Lentas.


Located in Hersonissos, it provides high quality accommodation and services. It is a marvelous new addition to Europe’s rich reservoir of courses and will soon be regarded as one of the finest tests in the whole of the southern Mediterranean.

Ecotourism activities on Crete
Shiatsu - Tai Chi - Yoga sessions, in our Eco friendly hotel

Various Eco activities

mountain hiking and trekking on Crete
old Cretan churches and monasteries
visiting old olive groves on Crete
the internal of a Cretan mitato (shepherd's shelter)
wine tasting tours on Crete
Lassithi plateau windmills for irrigation
Creta Aquarium

Horse ridding

Traditional Christian Orthodox monastery - Vosakos Crete Greece
Old Christian Orthodox Monastery of Vossakos in Rethymno Crete

Sheeps pasturing in the Cretan nature
Sheeps pasturing on the mountains of Crete

map of beaches nearby our ecotourism hotel

map of Beaches nearby our ecotourism hotel

click here to see more beaches in the area...

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